The Treatment Trend Co. Breast Screen SA's Robe Collaboration

The Treatment Trend Co. Breast Screen SA's Robe Collaboration

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The Treatment Trend Co. is excited to announce its collaboration in designing custom treatment robes for Breast Screen SA, elevating the breast cancer screening experience for women across South Australia.

The recently inaugurated Assessment Clinic, strategically located just 500 meters from the original Flinders Street building, stands as a beacon of innovation in breast cancer screening. With a primary focus on enhancing the overall client experience, the clinic features cutting-edge facilities, including new consult and ultrasound rooms, spacious waiting areas, and a dedicated results clinic space.

As Breast Screen SA engaged clients, staff, unions, and stakeholders in the design process, The Treatment Trend Co. are proud to be involved in this initiative, crafting custom-designed robes that seamlessly incorporate the organisation's colours. These robes, while ensuring functionality, go beyond the ordinary by adding a personal touch that transforms the screening process into a more positive and empowering experience for women.

Aligned with Breast Screen SA's mission, The Treatment Trend Co. recognises the importance of infusing style and comfort into healthcare spaces. This exclusive gown collaboration exemplifies their commitment to enhancing the aesthetic and emotional aspects of the breast health journey for women throughout South Australia.

The Treatment Trend Co. proud to have played a role in enhancing the experience for women undergoing breast cancer screening. Together, they set a new standard for the integration of style and compassion in healthcare initiatives, ensuring that every woman feels both cared for and stylish on her journey to breast health.