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Even though hospitals are designed to help people, many patients face a loss of dignity, privacy and control when they enter a medical facility.

Especially while wearing a garment that affords little patient comfort or modesty. TTTC provides medical departments with customisable, sustainable and clinically practical treatment apparel. Currently offering long and short robes and unisex scrub pants, TTTC enables healthcare stakeholders to consider how they might enhance patient-centered care within their own institution through treatment apparel.

All TTTC Treatment wear is designed in Australia by qualified Radiation Therapists.

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TTTC Standard Treatment Wear Range

With Clinical consideration in design, TTTC treatment apparel guarantees your patient is comfortable, whilst maintaining clinical practicality.

Our standard range of treatment apparel is inclusive of clinically adaptive:

• Navy Long Robe
• Navy Short Robe
• Wendy Print Short Robe
• Unisex Radiation Therapy Treatment Pants – Navy
• Unisex Radiation Therapy Treatment Pants – Charcoal

colours and fabrics

Customisation options

The Treatment Trend Co have made the process simple and efficient for departments to have alternative options to tradition treatment wear.

We pride ourselves in working closely with each department to ensure that you are stocked with treatment wear that is specific to your clinical needs. Choose the most suitable apparel option from our practical, versatile and comfortable treatment wear and get it customised to suit your brand.

Choose your:
• Fabric type and weight
• Colour of the Body, Panel, Straps and Piping
• Logo and Embroidery

All customised apparel requires a MOQ of 100 units.

Fabric Colours:

Colours can be dependant of fabric choice. There are hundreds of colours to choose from.

Please get in touch with our friendly staff today to see what we can do for you.


Get in touch with our friendly staff today to see what we can do for you.

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